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And ten minutes later, herd dust stature is gradually slowing, and finally landed on top of a Baizhang tall outstretched, his eyes, stared straight ahead, in that numerous mountains, it has an emerald green������ huge mountain stands, it seems to be a head since ancient sleeping monster, exudes old taste, so that was kind of a sense of dreams prehistoric people. These two teams, the strength in this place are regarded as the top level, so that when they played against other teams did not dare to get involved but it is, and for this two-touch, they would be more willing to see, after all that then, they will have more opportunities. Pillars creeping around at this time, the overwhelming vine Pushe, then into layers of vine Zhen green shield in the whole body. A blood from the dust, animal husbandry, mouth spray out, his complexion pale, he endure Zhe Yiquan solidly, if not his practice over Thor body, I'm afraid his life can not hold. cheap nfl jerseys for sale "Is indeed the spirit of evil by way of blood, ah," Wen Qingxuan smiled and said:"I think if not for being expelled from the spiritual path, I am afraid now, he will be more powerful and in that case, perhaps the last spiritual crown ownership, not necessarily in me here. nfl jerseys for sale free shipping

" They also nodded Los glass, wood at first sight this time God guard on its body, still wearing a flashing light wood grain magical armor, but this wood A control it Zhen Qing Lv The time is disappearing away, in addition, when wooden guard God's hands, it seems also holding a wooden monument. nfl jerseys for sale And see Wenqing Xuan Qin retreat, eyes blazing but it is all the more rich, he laughed, offensive increasingly violent." Luo glass light laughs. wholesale nfl jerseys for sale Some pavilion sounded surprised voice, who did not think that this alliance of the three House leaders, actually are there.

"A year ago the blood back to the news of killing that you appear in North Cang Ling hospital, which caused no small movement, Oh you've got to race the next imperial Roselle, Roselle family is the only hope for the future, if you can be Roselle family will be completely captured the despair and wanted time Los gods will also be a major blow "Blood days are smiled and said:. Before the dust and animal husbandry become death-like head, in fact, he is met with Luo glass side, then she is also in the siege by a group of people difficult to kill, and at that time he also met with Luo glass , but then, he was just far watching this scene, because his reason tells him that the road see injustice of things, among spiritual path quite stupid, but this is not what he softhearted person, Nature can not no reason to save people, then let get himself in danger. Because the glass into the North from Los Cang Ling hospital that day until now, have never really had the experience of someone Los unreserved shot glass. Xu shortage, Zhao Pathetic trio also recovered at this point, the immediate change in the situation was really fast, who would have thought, in a moment before this Qingxuan Wen also exceptionally friendly, just a few minutes after that, they are the sword opposite, which has made it extremely stunned them, this Qingxuan Wen, really is not a good phase of people, ah, although she is neat, less than Los glass, but glass and temper between Los really is different .

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